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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Sep 10, 2018

Mike T. is our guest today with the Bearded Villains New Mexico Chapter. These guys take pride in their beards and in their charitable works all over the world with multiple chapters and an all inclusive attitude no matter race, creed, or origin. Yes they do have women in the club as BV Queens and Villanettes, and anyone can join them at their official BV website at Shout out to and Satellite Coffee for helping out both Mike and I in our endeavors and of course all you beautiful folks downloading listening and sharing our stuff! 

Show notes:

- 2:00 What is Bearded Villains
- 3:00 Santa Claus
- 5:00 Beard essentials company Mikes involved with
- 6:30 ABC's of BV (What if I burn my beard off?)

A beard club with charitable tendancies

- 9:30 For the ladies Villanettes & Bearded Villains Queens
- 14:00 Where to find and support BV on the web
- 24:40 How to donate to help out
- 26:00 Are beards protected by law?
- 33:00 The biting bike
- 34:00 How one rises through the ranks
- 36:00 Dollar beard club yay or nay?
- 42:00 How to contact the BV New Mexico chapter



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