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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Sep 24, 2018

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Ryan joins us on the perch from Los Angeles, he's a multi-award winning director who has worked his way from low budget films to working with some household name actors including the legendary Donald Glover, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and even Lord of The Rings Alumni. How often do you get to look inside the mind of a working Director that's created touching and dramatic films like Forever Strong to bad-ass action films that highlight the brotherhood, triumph and tragedy of World War 2 like his Saints and Soldiers trilogy. Make sure you catch this inspiring conversation and be ready for more top shelf work from this succesful dude, thank you for coming on again Ryan and cheers to your future!
Ryan's site -
Instagram where you can see constant updates from the man and his various projects: @ryanlittle_director
Ryans IMDB page listing all his works:
Show Notes:

1:00 - Ryans first gig in the 80's when Hollywood came to Canada
4:00 - Director that had a huge impact on Ryan
9:00 - Commendations from real WW2 veterans
18:00 - No potatoes in Utah?
21:00 - Actors and budgets in regard to success
27:00 - being a hired gun
31:00 - Movie set freak outs
37:00 - Actors feeling safe and ready to act
41:00 - Directing TV shows compared to Movies
44:00 - What tv shows is Ryan watching?
47:00 - Favorite Movies?
52:00 - Does the camera brand matter?
58:00 - Health and nutrition on set
** Sleep is imperative!**
01:03 - Family life on set and as a whole
01:10 - Behold, the future!
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