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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Apr 1, 2019

Hardcore Keem joins us on episode #38. This monster is a Youtube juggernaut who creates reaction videos of music and music videos of Metal bands with a lean towards Metal Core. We dish on Keems rise to YouTube stardom, his videos, his taste in music, his family and his brands future. We even have a lightning round of sorts to get the mans opinion on a ton of bands new old, well known or just starting out he may have gave your band a shoutout so look out for that coming up! This is actually a first for APOB and I think for Keem also that this entire podcast had the video captured as well so if you would rather watch the podcast and of course listen go to APOB’s YouTube page by typing A Perch of Birds into the search bar and hit subscribe and play or look up Hardcore Keem for this podcast and all of his great reaction videos.

- 2:00 Who is Hardcore Keem

- 4:00 Favorite Metal band

- 8:00 Female fronted bands

- 15:00 Jonas Brothers, NPR Tiny Desk, Anderson .Paak

- 19:00 How does Keem choose his videos to review

- 25:00 Florida metal scene moshing vs. hardcore

- 27:00 That intro though!

- 28:00 Shout out to Polyhedra

- 31:00  Shoutout Magnolia Park Florida based metal band

- 32:00 Keems Spotify playlist (Link Below)

- 33:00 Thumbs up thumbs down session Hardcore Keem approved

Rings of Saturn, Winds of Plague, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano,

The Floors Embrace AND MANY MORE

- 45:00 Still dropping band love =)

- 48:00 Underrated bands shoutout from Hardcore Keem himself! LISTEN TO SEE IF KEEM CALLED YOUR BAND OUT!

- 55:00 Still Dropping underrated bands!!


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