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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Feb 3, 2021

49 - Pat. Ryan II and Christian Gonzalez Taking Care of Yourself


     Today Patrick and I are joined by Christian Gonzalez soon to be a bonafide clinical Registered Physical Therapist. We talk about all things movement and aging better both mentally and physically with some tasty snacks and deep discussions on the levels of health. 


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Christian → → IG: @act_aware → Soundcloud @Spooky Actuon


Patrick→ aware_lifeabq


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Scott Maron → IG: @scottmichaelphotos


1:30 Snack Time!!

8:00 Teaching humans to move more efficiently.

12:00 “Yes pro’s”.

17:00 Breaking the cycle of aging painfully.

20:00 The makings of a friendship for life.

30:30 The body as, a car.

38:00 Breaking the big box mentality.

45:00 Purple disturbance.

49:00 Foam Rollers and recovery.

52:00 Death Practice and rest.

55:00 Levels to and long term relief.

01:01:00 Bonking

01:10:00 Bringing presence to your life

01:12:00 Music

01:17:00 Spooky Action