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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


May 6, 2021

Skye Avalon is an amazing human being an author, lifetime student, artist, businesswoman, Shibatsu rope bondage hobbyist, everyday mystic, model the list goes on and on. I loved talking to Skye. She is such a genuine person. She has an amazing body of work from her Shibatsu rope tying bondage, her photography and her paintings. Shes works with clients to create sacred contracts identifying their archetype and in the process helping people grow for themselves and for their partners. We get deep in the weeds with sex, Feminism, masturbation debunking myths about the female body I mean this cast was amazing. We also touch on cultural perspectives of sexuality, religion, art and growing through education, experience and ultimately love. You guys and gals are in for a treat. Please check out her site and social media presence to support her ongoing work listed below in the show notes.

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5:00 An artist and a businesswoman.

9:00 What is a Mystic?

14:00 Outgrowing your tribe.

17:00 Growing through vulnerability Masculine and Feminin

23:00 Skye’s amazing art and what it means and represents.

27:00 Quantum Dynamics and the third eye.

31:00 Being authentic to yourself.

36:00 Breaking the norm with the love of her life.

38:00 LAT Living Apart Together.

43:00 and starting the journey toward sexual freedom.

54:00 Archetypes and patterns of humans.

01:00:00 Being a role model for sensuality and sexuality.

01:10:00 Pushing through the stereotypes especially as a woman.

01:12:00 How to start exploring your sexuality with your partner.

01:17:00 Does exploring your kink get you off better?

01:22:00 Women and mens libido’s.

01:26:00 Ways woman climax, erogenous zones.

01:34:00 The language of sex and growing together sexually.

01:40:00 Coolidge effect

01:49:00 Talk about sex, unlock the beast.

01:54:00 The other sides to #metoo

Her website → &

Her book → Affirmations for the everyday goddess deck on Amazon.

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