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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


May 19, 2021

52 - Sam McIntosh with Diamond Noise Agency, music promoter, manager, tour manager marketing genius, truck driver, Former Ranger, Iraq Veteran this man is a phenom. The Anchor, Cannibal Kids, Animal Sun are just some of his bands he manages and promotes. This guy is in the sticky gooey center of the music industry, we talk about how music has changed over the years, Covid and its fallout for live music and many more musical topics. The scene is alive and well and if you think you got something for my Sam to hear hit him up at the What an interesting podcast and a look at the underside of one of my favorite parts of life music baby!


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6:00 Metal, Hardcore. Metal rock, and pop and where it sells.

9:00 Brand and market building.

11:00 Human Heart Records.

15:00 What makes a good booking agent.

20:00 Shitty band behavior.

27:00 Motley Crew lifestyle.

37:00 Covid and the music business

44:00 The Loud Spot with Sebastian Podcast

01:00:00 Sam the veteran and the mobile truck studio.

01:03:00 The Happy Fits a pop band with a Cello Bass have amazing live streams.

01:06:00 Sam produces PPG Podcast a bit =).

01:07:00 if you wanna get in contact with Sam.

01:14:00 Bad ideas and alternate personas.

01:17:00 How the big name bands make money at scale.

01:23:00 360 deals.

01:35:00 tracking and mastering proper advice for amateurs.01:38:00 Glad handing the rich dudes….