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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness




A Perch of Birds (APOB) is a media company that interviews companies, bands, individuals, and or entities that wish to further their cause/influence on the airwaves of the internet. Social media and podcasting will be our conduit in which we provide people with the best content available in its rawest and truest form. APOB will enhance your social media presence as well as provide the opportunity to interact with a customer/fan base. We are excited to showcase your art and are thankful to provide the best content….YOU!!!

Our Name

Our name derives from the 1800 Water Color Painting by Hector Giocomelli

See it here:

 In the painting the birds have all congregated on the perch symbolizing a common area for communication. We see the birds as like minded individuals communicating on a common ground in a raw and natural form that is our aim for our services. You can’t communicate with the birds unless you are on the perch.   

The Show

Feel free to plug your social media presence. The basis of the show is to show case your cause, your art, your story. There is no time limit there is only opportunity for you reach your audience with personalized podcast episode and a social media campaign that will get you out on the perch for the other birds to see. All productions will be distributed on our social media and websites as well as other channels including but not limited to: Google Play Music, Itunes, Stitcher, Last.FM, and PodBean. If any media concerning APOB is shared through your social media, channels, and or websites please include a production credit we can provide a link for you if you would like.