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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Feb 2, 2018

APOB media welcomes The GameBook! The GameBook is a side project of Vinyl Sounds. Vinyl Sounds is made up of : Silvana Mass, Justin Marshall, Greg Parrow, Sarah Bryant and Evan Frank. The side project GamBook is a musical arrangement that takes jazz and acoustic influences and transforms video game music into a beautiful musical tune that will enchant its audiences. This special episode comes to you from Orlando, Florida with a great conversation on music, music theory, and song structure. APOB Media was able to wrangle this group and pick their brain on how they all got started in music as well how they are developing their unique sound that was inspired by being gamers at heart. Take a listen and see how these song birds contribute to the perch. If you are interested in the GamBook or their projects you can find them here: Vinyl Sounds on Facebook: Sarah & Evan on Instagram and Facebook: sarahandevanmusic/ Justin & Silvana on Facebook: